The taste of tradition, the pleasure of innovation

Sensi Restaurant Amalfi was established as a high profile restaurant for the numerous guests who choose to visit our town every year.

The restaurant is situated inside the Hotel Residence, a splendid noble building from the XVIII century which is just a short distance from the famous Amalfi Cathedral. The interior is a combination of the classic design of the building with some modern, functional touches, whilst colours are based on natural tones and are inspired by the colours of the wonderful views of the Amalfi Coast seen from our terrace.

Alessandro Tormolino’s gourmet cuisine is original but has a solid foundation in Italian traditional cuisine and the traditional dishes of the Campania region. Cooking techniques are essential and allow us to reach the full potential of the local ingredients used in our dishes.

“Our senses allow us to discover the world, to encounter, learn and dream. Our goal is to offer all of our guests an experience which involves all senses, a journey of traditional flavours and the pleasure of innovation.”

The restaurant is managed by Pasqualino Franzese who has gained experience in this sector over the years both in Italy and abroad.

General management is taken care of by Enzo Calaudi who also manages the Hotel Residence which has recently undergone a complete renovation under his guidance.